DIY Ladder Quilt Rack


I dont know about all of you but I love quilts! And I’ve managed to collect quite a few of them but hate storing them away in closets because that means they never get used. I decided to make a ladder that my quilts could hang on, this way they can be displayed at all times and they will get used more frequently! Plus it’s a great decor item for your home. IMG_3868I went to my local hardware store and bought some 2×4 and 2×3 wood. I used the 2×3 for the rungs where the quilts hang and the 2×4 for the sides. I made my ladder with five rungs each measuring 24 inches, and the side pieces measuring 84 inches.img_3810.jpgAfter putting it all together I painted it with two coats of white chalk paint. I let that dry for 3 days then went back with a grey decorative glaze. Using long paint brush strokes I got the weathered affect I was looking for. I learned that dabbing it with a cloth right away will help if you feel like you applied to much glaze. Make sure you are glazing in small sections when using a cloth because the glazes dries very quickly! I let the glaze dry for 8 hours then added a clear sealer. I used a kit from Rust-oleum that came with everything I needed!IMG_3822

IMG_3866This project took a lot of time but not a lot of work because of the long waiting times required between product use.  This was also my first time using a decorative glaze and I’m in love! It was such an easy way to achieve an antique look without having to sand your piece!


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