Wooden Light Up Star


For this project I found this wooden star, 50% off at Michaels (of course!)


I used my Rustoleum Decorative Glaze as a stain, and painted two coats on my star. I waited 24 hours for the glaze to completely soak into the wood so it would be easier to transfer the vinyl later.


I decided to put the words “Merry & Bright” on my star. Originally I wanted to do “May all your days be merry and bright” but there wasn’t a lot of room and I wanted the words to be large enough that they were easy to read. I went onto Cricut Design Space and created the text how I wanted it. I then cut it out onto a gold foil vinyl.


I weeded my vinyl and used my cricut transfer tape to transfer it onto my star at a slight angle.


I then drilled holes into the star so I could poke a set of lights through the wood. I didn’t decide this before hand so I had to work around my vinyl words as some of them were close to the edges. I ended up drilling the holes at each point then drilling more holes in random places until I was happy with it! I loved the finished product and the lights really added a nice touch as they make the words stand out!


Would you be interested in seeing some posts on how to use Cricut Design Space? Let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Wooden Light Up Star

  1. Emily Villarosa says:

    I love how you decided to add the lights to this craft. It really takes it to the next level. I would love to see some posts on how to use Cricut design space.

    Keep the posts coming can’t wait to try these myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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