Let’s Try It: Patina Metal Effects Kit

I recently partnered with Rustoleum to try out a couple of new products! The first one was the Patina Metal Effects Kit in blue. This kit takes any paintable surface and transforms it to look like metal! It’s a super easy way to get a unique look. It’s perfect to change up some of your current decor or for your DIY projects! Keep an eye out for another upcoming project using this kit but first I wanted to show you how simple and easy it is to use!

I picked up this wooden 2×2 inch square at Michaels for under $2.00!


First you need to prime your surface twice allowing it to dry in between coats.


Next paint a coat of the bronzing paint and wait for it to dry for 30 minutes. Once it is dry apply another coat. Make sure you put the second coat on thicker.


Quickly spray on the oxidizing solution while the bronzing paint is still wet.


Now all you have to do is wait for it to dry! Below you will see all the stages of drying! Finally you get this beautiful distressed look found in the last image!


Here is one of the projects I made using this technique! I got the “&” sign from Michaels in the wood section and used the kit to transform it! It is perfect for a decor piece to lay on a table or mantle and would also look beautiful on a gallery wall!





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